The Web Without Ads

Take back control over your browsing experience. Browse the web without annoying ads.

AdErase automatically scans pages and removes all banner ads.  

It's all Automatic

We constantly find new ads to block and AdErase updates automatically.

Everything happens in the background without any settings or configuration required.


Easily disable ad blocking with a quick button press. Your never locked in.

Other Great Features

There are a lot more great features with more on the way. AdErase is currently under development and will be fully available soon.
No Ads


Increase Productivity

Get more done by finding what you are looking for faster without distraction.


Business Ready

Improve your business environment with an ad free Web.


Browser Compatibility

Support all modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
Support for Safari and Opera will be coming soon.

Control Panel

Easily change settings using the control panel to suit your preferences.



Automatically downloads information on new ads to filter on a regular basis.


Enjoy the Web

Start enjoying the web the way it should be, free of annoying ads.

Add AdErase to your browser

AdErase is a plugin for your web browser. Download and run the installer and your ready to go. The download setup program will install the AdErase extension into your web browsers. AdErase automatically updates regularly with the latest ads so that you don’t have to do anything.

Your privacy is secure and protected. AdErase does not collect any personal information.

Erase Ads from the web now!